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Mittwoch 10. 10. 2018 - 15:26 Uhr - Scum Work in progress update! [Oct 10, 2018]


Work in progress update! [Oct 10, 2018]


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Mittwoch 03. 10. 2018 - 14:21 Uhr - Scum progress Update Oct 03, 2018


Work in progress update! [Oct 03, 2018]

Hello everyone, as promised, here is a little update on what we are working on right now.

Please keep in mind that there is no set date of release for any of the features mentioned in this post, it's just to show you what is being done!

Over the past few weeks, our scummunity was vocal about vehicles and fortifications, so we heard you and started to work on those. Down below you will be able to see the first screenshots of those (and many more features)

  • We are starting with a simple SUV that you will be able to find on the island and use for transportation. In later stages, we plan to introduce a bigger level of repairing/customization for the vehicles. For now, it will be plain and simple. You find the car, enter it and drive it.

  • Also besides the SUV, we are working on a more traditional vehicle that's used in Croatia.

Fortifications/Item placement
  • We've decided to add fortifications to the same system as the item placement. All items that can be crafted and not carried around and that persist in the world (loot boxes, shelter, head on a wait that's leaking..damn it) now have a placement system that lets you place a "hologram" where you want the crafted item to spawn (also this should fix the problem with boxes in rocks).

  • A similar system will work on fortifications where you will be able to put "holograms" on windows/doors (predetermined places) and craft it without having all the materials on the player from the get-go.
Bow and arrows
  • Bow and arrows are in the finishing phase where we need to figure out all the technical details/the ballistics of it. As you all know, SCUM has realistic ballistics (Projectile penetration depending on material/bullet energy if the projectile penetrates the material/how much energy drops down and what happens when it hits the next material etc..) So there is work to be done here and we want it to be as good as possible once you start shooting arrows to the knees.
  • To add on to the ballistic part, we are adding 5 more types of ballistic vests that differ in quality and what type of projectiles they stop/do not stop, also we reworked the melee damage calculation, so now it will take into account if the weapon is blunt or sharp and each type of clothing has a different type of protection against it. (But do not expect to be safe from a sledgehammer wearing your hippy shirt)
This is it regarding the features that you were asking about the most! Now for some other things being worked on.
  • Specific attachments for specific rifles.
    E.G: You find a scope that's just for Kar98, and you can mount it only the Kar98 without a rail.
  • Random cargo drops around the island.
  • A new naval base that will make the airport look like a holiday
  • FOV slider in the options menu
  • Some neat binoculars to scout out the area
  • New weapons!
  • More localizations
  • More admin controls
  • Upgrading the anti-cheat system

Also, we are working on updating the Unreal Engine to 4.20 version that should introduce a lot of optimizations. Because of that, there won't be a patch this week as we need to thoroughly test out the stability and other features.

Please keep in mind that these are NOT patch notes and this list does not represent what will be in the next patch notes.





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